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Herve specializes in personal/group training & high-end lifestyle services in South Florida. He has worked with many individuals all over the world and can help you get the results you want. Herve provides a number of services to accommodate your needs. Those services include one on one personal & online training, group training, workout programs, fitness branding services & more.



My mission is to change lives through sports and fitness. Despite where you are in fitness, whether a beginner or advanced athlete, I will provide you with cutting-edge customized programming that will work for you. I have participated in numerous races; including Speed Skating, Cycling,Triathlon, Marathon and Ironman.


I always struggled with being over weight and spent years being that person who wanted to desperately lose weight and feel confident. It was a long process with a few ups and downs but 100% worth it. I decided to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping someone go through an experience that makes them happier, confident, and strong.

I am here to help you discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with some excitement and push you to get results!



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Internationally certified under the ISSA (international sports science association) as a personal trainer and a recreational boxer for over 2 years, I strike to help clients reach their full training threshold by challenging them both mentally and physically. Training sessions are geared towards functional strength, toning, muscular strength, speed, power, and increase energy. Clients are taught the basics as well as proper form/ technique, proper warm up stretching, proper breathing, and proper core control. Classes are structure and are most often tailor to each client's or group of clients' needs and capabilities. I don't believe in giving up on or babying clients; I only believe in helping realize their full potential and more.


My whole life, I dedicated every ounce of energy, effort and strive towards achieving the best athletic physique as possible. I played competitive soccer for about 10 years, after major skill, speed, tactical development I went on to playing with team Canada juniors in the Olympic games in 2013. Having had the captains armband in most of the competitive teams I played for, I realized my passion for leading was one of a kind, I believe that with love and courage you can truly achieve anything you desire in the world which is why I want to share my wealth of knowledge in the fitness and health industry with the world.



Professionally trained in Hatha Yoga; a two-hundred hour training through Yoga Alliance and acquired a Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (200RYT). 

My classes offer a unique opportunity for building strength, acquiring body awareness, improving overall balance/flexibility, and inducing physical/mental relaxation simultaneously. Aiding each student to acquire a personalized experience to reach their own unique goals. Hatha yoga provides the ultimate rejuvenating exercises that allows for active recovery, preparing you for your next workout.



As an internationally Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, and International Relations Undergrad (AA), Janina has been trained to understand and  utilize a wide range of dietary, nutrition, and psychological theories to serve every client’s unique bio-individuality.  She guides and educates clients in behavioral changes in order to create and sustain, long lasting, healthy life changes. Her holistic approach for daily life through meditation and essential oils, have helped both her clients and her gain overall wellness.

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